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Small Town Spotlight: Meet Paul


Meet Paul. A gentle, free-spirited, hippie kind of guy. Long hair in a loose ponytail, signature kerchief around his neck.  Paul looks like he might be headed for (or from) a long hike or a campground.  He can be seen at most local, live music events, his lanky body immersed in whatever rhythm is pulsing… read more

SPILL IT: The Green Product Junkie’s Beauty Tag

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Well, this is a bit embarrassing.  I feel like I’ve been asked to give an impromtu speech with chia seeds stuck in my teeth – who knew that skin care company founders could get tagged?? But, at least you can see from the contents of my bag that I really believe in Osmia…  So, here’s… read more


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                  Snapshots Moments in time: your hand in mine. Small and bony, fingers long - though mine was bigger, yours was so strong. Not a moment in life where it didn’t belong.   Moments in time: your hand in mine. From a little girl seeking your brown… read more

Light Body Oil Just Got Lighter


This is just a quick note to let you know that our Light Body Oil, already a top seller, just got better. If you’re a fan of citrus, this is the body oil for you.  We are so pleased to provide a citrusy note here using organic lemongrass essential oil and organic, bergaptene-free bergamot essential… read more

Perioral Dermatitis: The FAQs

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by Sarah Villafranco, MD Since writing my first article about perioral dermatitis, I have become a bit of an accidental expert on the subject.  I get an increasing number of emails each week from people who are interested in a natural and more gradual approach after steroids and antibiotics have left them frustrated and feeling… read more

A Perfume Bottle, and a Letter Worth Sharing


My husband came home today and placed a tiny bottle and a piece of paper wrapped like a scroll on the counter – a birthday gift to me from his friend, Julie.  I was immediately intrigued by the tiny bottle with an amber colored residue, and charmed by the hand-written letter (you know Osmia and… read more

Antioxidants and Free Radicals! Woohoo!!

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Antioxidant: it’s a major buzz word.  But what does it mean to you?  Generally, I’m sure you understand that antioxidants are good, and that oxidation is not so good, therefore we want to prevent oxidation by eating and applying ANTI oxidants.  That’s the gist of it, to be sure.  However, if we are going to… read more

Earth Day – What Can You Promise Our Mother?


When is the last time you really thought about Earth Day?  It’s one of those days that we all support in theory, but have practically forgotten about by the end of the day.  We need to think about it MORE, NOW, because it’s next Monday. Reading about the history of Earth Day made me think… read more

Whistle While You Work


One of our customers is a lovely, wonderful, smart, thoughtful college student who is contemplating going to medical school.  She emails me every now and then with some questions and musings about whether to go into medicine, and what that life would entail.  I think she values the perspective I can offer, as a physician… read more